Mercedes deals Thailand

Thailand is fondly known as the Land of Smiles, as its wonderful scenic beauty and rich culture attract numerous tourists from all over the world. Hence, there is huge traffic on the roads of this country, which cause frequent road accidents. The car owners need to ensure better protection for their vehicles, which is more essential for highly expensive brands like Mercedes Benz.

According to the Road Protection Act in Thailand, all 2-wheelers and 4-wheelers need to have Compulsory Third-party Liability Insurance (CTPL). This basic auto insurance is also locally called Por Ror Bor, which is meant to cover all accidental injuries and deaths faced by insured vehicles. However, many car owners prefer to buy private car insurance for their Mercedes Benz cars, which are the costliest vehicles available here.  The maximum coverage of CTPL insurance may not be adequate for meeting the repairing cost of a Mercedes Benz car. This is the main reason for choosing private auto insurance for all models of this popular brand.

Different categories of car insurance for Mercedes Benz

In Thailand, there are four categories of private car insurance that can be applicable for all models of Mercedes Benz cars, including Mercedes Benz E-250 that is considered as the best car manufactured by this company. Car owners can check the prices of all these auto insurance policies to find the most suitable ones for their vehicles.

Car insurance 1st Class – This is the most ideal car insurance for Mercedes Benz cars in Thailand. It is the most comprehensive auto insurance plan that covers the entire cost of repairing a damaged car. Apart from third party liability, this insurance plan provides coverage for damages caused due to fire or collision with a wall or any other reason where a third party is not involved. This insurance is also applicable in the case of car theft, which is not available in any other car insurance category. However, it is available only for cars that were purchased less than 7 years back.  Older cars need flawless past records for availing this insurance.

Car insurance 2nd class Plus – It is also costly car insurance that suits Mercedes Benz cars in Thailand. Though its coverage limit is quite similar to the 1st class car insurance, it does not cover damages caused due to accidents without any third party. Cars covered by 1st class insurance are usually repaired at the garages recommended by insurance companies while cars having 2nd class insurance can be repaired anywhere.

Car insurance 3rd class Plus – This car insurance also deals with third party liability and offers protection against accidental damages only if a third party is involved. Thus, it does not protect the insured car against theft, fire, natural calamities or vandalism. Hence, its coverage is much lower than 2nd class insurance and thus, it is far cheaper as well.

Car insurance 3rd class – It is the cheapest among all private car insurance plans that Mercedes Benz owners can buy for their vehicles. This car insurance does not provide any coverage for accidental damages at all. It only deals with third party liability and Bail bond, in the cases of road accidents that occur due to the faults of other vehicles. Hence, it is ideal for very old Mercedes Benz cars that are no more driven out frequently.

Owners of Mercedes Benz cars can find further details of these car insurance plans on the internet.